Peter John Davison authored a document describing the evolution of motion in flight simulators.

Click here to download the entire document: Motion in Flight Simulators. A story of Evolution

A summary of the document:

Advances in simulator design have led to a range of devices that can be tailored to various phases of flight training. This article looks at the balance between visual and motion simulation as applied to flight simulation and how each contributes to the motion dynamic and the Total Simulation Experience (TSE).

A brief review of the evolution of visual and motion systems is presented along with an explanation of how these stimuli are sensed, measured and experienced during flight simulation.

A qualitative Equation of Motion (as experienced in a flight simulator) is proposed. The equation divides the experience of motion into Visual and Acceleration components and assesses the contribution of these components to the Motion Dynamic of a flight simulator.

Advances in visual simulation are evolving rapidly and will continue to do so whereas acceleration (motion) cueing has reached a point where significant improvements are unlikely due to physical constraints. It is suggested that the direction of flight simulator design, categorization, approval and deployment be reassessed taking this into account.

The role of airplane and simulator manufacturers, operators and aviation authorities in this initiative is discussed. It is emphasized that the Total Simulation Experience will only evolve efficiently when the path of evolution is vertically integrated from Airplane manufacturer, through simulator manufacturer, flight training provider and aviation authority. All parties should co-ordinate their efforts to ensure that flight training of the highest quality is delivered at a price affordable to operators.

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