MPS A320 Flight simulator video

The MPS A320 simulator is a FBS (Fixed base simulator) for the Airbus A320 aircraft. The video below gives an impression of the build of the A320 simulator and shows the simulator in flight. The model shown in this video is the MPS FTD-1 A320 simulator. The MPS FTD-1 A320, or advanced model, has collimated projection, this brings the visuals up to Level D. The video clearly shows the level of detail of the A320 cockpit in the simulator. All moving flight controls are control loaded. The video demonstrates the control loading of the A320 flight controls such as the thrust lever and the trim wheel. The MPS A320 Simulator, MPS FTD-1 A320, meets the requirements of certification for EASA FTD2 and FAA Level 5/6.


MPS A320 simulator hydraulics failure procedure video.

Video of the A320 simulator demonstrating the procedure for a fault in the hydraulics on the Airbus A320. The video shows the instructor executing the failure on the touch screen operated instructor operating station (IOS) and the procedure the flight crew follows to resolve the failure.

This video clearly demonstrates the level of fidelity of the MPS A320 simulator (FTD) and the ease of use of the integrated Instructor operating Station.

Both the initial and operating cost of the MPS A320 fixed base simulator are dramatically lower than a full flight simulator, between 5 and 10 times lower. Airlines, Aviation schools and simulation centers around the world use the MPS Airbus A320 fixed base training device to allow pilot and pilot students to repetitively train procedures such as the one shown in this video.

MPS Airbus A320 FBS FTD Simulator Photos

The images in this Gallery give an impression of the MPS Airbus A320 flight simulator. As can be seen from the pictures, the MPS A320 FBS is full flight deck and fully enclosed A320 FBS. All flight controls are operational and the visuals are 200 X 400 visuals. The model shown here is the MPS A320 Advanced A320 FBS (MPS FTD-1)