How COMPASS works:

The COMPASS software is installed on a computer that's equipped with a joystick and rudder pedals.

Once the COMPASS installation is completed, and the connection between COMPASS and the centralized COMPASS server has been verified, the system is ready for pilot candidate testing. COMPASS operates stand-alone and does not require an active internet connection. Results are stored on the PC and can be uploaded to the server to be verified at any time.

Pilot screening process:

After a short explanation of the test, the candidate pilot can start the COMPASS Aptitude tests.

The tests start from the main menu and automatically run in sequence untill all the tests are completed. The typical time from start to finish is between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Once complete, the test results upload to the main sever to be automatically verified.

Depending on the type of pilot selection (Ab Initio or Advanced), the system tests the candidate on the following skills:

Skills tested by COMPASS (for Ab Initio pilot selection)

  • Eye-hand-foot co-ordination (Control)
  • Eye-hand co-ordination (Slalom)
  • Short term memory (Memory)
  • Mental arithmetic (Mathematics)
  • Spatial Orientation (Orientation)
  • Multi Tasking (Task Manager)

Skills tested by Advanced COMPASS (Aptitude test for experienced pilot selection)

  • Complex Control Task (CCT)
  • ATPL Theoretical questions (ATPL)
  • Short term memory (Memory)
  • Mental arithmetic (Mathematics)
  • Spatial Orientation (Orientation)
  • Multi Tasking (Task Manager)

The Advanced COMPASS test has been helpful in providing thorough assessment aside from interviews and has provedthat the interview assessments are credible. We found that those who only got a "Just Acceptable" remark during technical assessment usually end up failing the COMPASS. It has also helped provide another layer of screening as there wereinstances wherein we were surprised that some pilots who are current and actively flying could not even pass the COMPASS evaluation.

Raoul S. PĂ©rez - General Manager, Philippine Academy for Aviation Training (PAAT)

COMPASS test results

The scores of the COMPASS test are immediately available after uploading the results to the server. The results of a COMPASS test show the score for each skill tested. This allows the Airline or FTO using COMPASS to show the candidate on which skills they were proficient or not.

The presentation of test-results in this way makes it very clear to pilot-candidates why they are accepted or rejected for the next step in the pilot candidate selection procedure.

The test results of each COMPASS testing session are stored locally on the compass PC.

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