MPS Airbus A320 FTD / FBS flight simulator: Image of the A320 FBS cockpit in operation showing visuals of Innsbruck Airport (INN / LOWI)
Airbus A320 FTD / FBS Flight Simulator

The MPS A320 FTD is a full cockpit / fully enclosed A320 flight simulator up to FAA Level 5/6, EASA FTD Level 1/2 with full control loading and FAA FFS Level D control loading and visual system.

Airbus A320 Simulator

The MPS A320 FTD has been developed with two objectives:

  • Provide dramatically lower flight simulator expenses for Airlines, Aviation schools/FTO’s and TRTO’s
  • To provide an A320 training platform for all types of Aviation pilot training.

Key features of the MPS A320 FBS Flight simulator:

  • Full A320 Cockpit / flight deck – exact replica of the original A320 flight deck.
  • FAA FFS Level D fidelity control loading and visual system
  • All Flight systems, including: Auto pilot, Auto throttle, Flight director
  • FAA FTD certification up to level 6
  • EASA / JAA certification: EASA FTD Level 1 and EASA FTD level 2.
  • 200 degree X 40 degree collimated visuals – Advanced model
  • 200 degree X 40 degree visuals – Standard model
  • Fully enclosed A320 FTD / FBS
  • Integrated Instructor Operating station
  • Full Airbus A320 Flight model – Original Airbus A320 Flight data package
  • Lido Worldwide FMS navigation database

Exact A320 cockpit / flight deck reproduction

MPS Airbus A320 FBS interior view of the cockpit

The MPS A320 FBS/FTD is an exact reproduction of the Airbus 320 Aircraft. All controls, switches actuators and displays are fully functional. In addition, the flight simulator flies just like the A320 since the control responses conform to algorithms licensed by Airbus and tested to the appropriate QTG. A full suite of failure sets allows all Normal, Abnormal and Emergency procedures to run as they would in the A320 aircraft. Have a look at the photos and videos in the Airbus A320 gallery to get a feel for the quality and accuracy of the cockpit's reproduction.

Lower cost for A320 simulator purchase and operating costs

The MPS Airbus A320 FTD has been developed to lower simulator cost for FTO’s Airlines and TRTO’S. The purchase cost has been achieved by innovative modular construction and the use of replicated and service-cost free flight system modules. The operation cost is substantially lower as there is no motion platform that needs to be maintained. Operational cost savings are also achieved because of the modular design and the remote software management. All systems on the flight deck of the MPS A320 flight simulator are modular. This means that any engineer can replace any module on the flight deck. There is no need for specialized engineer training.

Fully enclosed FAA Level D Collimated Visual Display

This visual display is a key feature as it gives the pilot a strong suggestion of movement. Reaction times for the display are nearly ten times that required by the QTG(Qualification Test Guide).

The 200 degree field of view, the high resolution imagery and the very fast display reaction time give the pilot in training a simulation environment as close as possible to flying an A320 aircraft.

The Advanced version of the MPS A320 simulator, the MPS FTD-2, is equipped with a collimated display with 200 X 40 degree field of view. The specifications of the collimated display go beyond the requirements for the highest level of FAA full flight simulator certifications; FAA FFS Level D. FAA FFS Level D Full flight simulator qualifications requires 150 degree field of view and a collimated display.

Control loading / Force feedback.

All moving flight controls on the A320 simulator are equipped with high precision control loading / force feedback. The control loading on the flight controls has been mapped to a very high degree of accuracy, equal to or above the requirements of FAA Level D FFS Simulator certification.

The high level of synchronization between control loading on the A320 simulator and the visual display give the training pilot the highest possible level of realism and provide an A320 training platform of the highest levels.

MPS Airbus A320 use in pilot certification systemsThe MPS Airbus A320 FBS simulator has been developed to be used in the widest possible range of pilot training / pilot certification systems.

  • MPL Multi-crew pilot license: The MPL Pilot license is a relatively new pilot licensing system developed specifically to train pilots the skills required of an airline pilot with a strong focus on multi crew operations. The MPL system focuses heavily on simulator experience. The MPS Airbus A320 FBS can be used for the majority of the simulator hours required for Multi-crew pilot license (MPL).
  • MCC Multi Crew Coordination
  • IR Training Airbus A320
  • Proficiency test
  • Airbus A320 Type Rating: The MPS A320 FTD can be used for the 50% of the required simulator hours to achieve the Airbus A320 type rating.

MPS A320 FTD simulator certification

Upon leaving the MPS Factory in the Netherlands, the MPS A320 FBS has been certified by the Dutch Aviation authority (Rijksluchtvaartdienst , RLD) under provisions JAR/EASA

The table below shows the differences between the A320 FTD-1 and the A320 FTD-2 flight simulators, and the EASA, ICAO and FAA certification that can be obtained with each.

MPS FTD device Aircraft Model EASA JAA Certification level FAA Certification level Flight Training system usage Simulator display system
MPS FTD-1 Standard Airbus A320 FTD Level 1 FAA FTD Level 5 A320 type rating, MPL, MCC, JOC, IFR 200X40 degree direct projection
MPS FTD-2 Advanced Airbus A320 FTD Level 1 FAA FTD Level 6 A320 type rating, MPL, MCC, JOC, IFR 200X40 Collimated projection

Integrated Instructor Operating Station

A320 FTD FBS Instructor Operating Station screen

The MPS A320 Simulators, both standard and advanced (MPS FTD-1 and MPS FTD-2) are equipped with and integrated instructor operating station. The IOS is touch screen operated. The IOS has been engineered for ease of use. The IOS can also be operated from a tablet computer allowing for unique training situations where the instructor can take place next to student whilst still having full control over the simulator.

The MPS Airbus A320 FBS

The A320 FBS allows the student / pilots to become accustomed to the working environment of the Airbus A320 at an early stage in training and progress to the final stage of Type Rating in a Full Flight Simulator with 100% continuity. Full Flight Simulator time is almost ten times as expensive as the equivalent time on the MPS A320 simulator.

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