The Airbus A320 Fixed Base Flight Simulator has a 100% accurate cockpit. Most switches have been sourced form the original Airbus supplier. It's also fitted with the official A320 Flight Dynamics Model from Airbus. The engines are CFM56-5B (V2500-A5 optional). The MPS A320 Standard is field upgradable to MPS A320 Advanced.

The control loading system is developed at our affiliate company MPS and realized by Bosch. Through a number of channels, the control loading is provided to:

  • Rudder pedals (yaw control)
  • Brake pedals
  • Stabilizer Trim Wheel (THS)

Modular construction of the simulator allows the customer to easily replace or update modules.

Airbus A320 Fixed Base Flight Simulator features

Flight simulator (FTD) features MPS 320 Standard MPS A320 Advanced
MPS Standard field upgradable to advanced yes
Cockpit: Fixed base fully enclosed flight deck yes yes
Hardware: Full size replicated cockpit / full functionality yes yes
Flight Model: MPS-FDM Official Airbus A320 data yes yes
MPS-CDS full FMGS / EFIS / ECAM / MCDU yes yes
Powerplant: CFM56-5B yes yes
Visual System: Direct Projection (200×40º FOV),
RSI Raster x T image gen
Visual System: Collimated Mirror (200×40º FOV),
RSI Raster x T image gen (FFS Level-D Fidelity)
Instructor Station: MPS-IOS Instructor Operating Station yes yes
Basic System Failure Set yes
Advanced System Failure Set yes
Automated QTG (MCC/FNPTII or A320 Type Specific) yes yes
Basic Weather Environment yes
Advanced Weather Environment yes
Type certificate aircraft updates yes
Automated ATC system with TCAS yes
Navigation Data Lufthansa Lido official FMS data yes yes

diagram with dimensions of the Airbus A320 Fixed Base Flight Simulator by MPS