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Aviation Focus is managed by active airline pilots with extensive experience in flight training and all types of pilot licenses, including MPL and type rating.

The combination of pilot experience and aviation management and a very broad insider knowledge of the aviation industry ensure that the team are aware of the requirements that airlines, type rating organizations and pilot training schools have of flight simulators and flight training devices (FTD's).

The MPS Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320 flight simulators were developed to fill the gap between flight procedure training devices and full flight simulators. The MPS Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 flight simulators dramatically lower both the capital expense and operational expense for any Airline, Type Rating Ogranization or flight school.

The MPS A320 simulator and MPS B737 simulator can be utilized to provide all the required simulator hours for the MPL (Multi-Crew Pilot Licence). Both MPS B737 and MPS A320 simulators can be used for up to 50% of the flight simulator hours required for B737 Type Rating and A320 Type Rating.

MPS - The Netherlands

MPS LogoAviation Focus is a sales agent for MPS Simulators in the Netherlands.

MPS, Based in Groenekan in the Netherlands, designs and produces fixed base flight simulators: FTD1, FTD2, for Airbus A320 CEO/NEO  and and Fixed Base Flight simulators for  Boeing 737-800/900 NG and Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft.