COMPASS Pilot Selection FAQ

The COMPASS pilot aptitude testing system is a computer based aptitude test for both Ab-Initio and advanced pilots. COMPASS is used by FTO’s and Airlines around the world to screen and select pilots based on their aptitudes.

COMPASS is Available to FTO’s and Airlines through Aviation Focus. Aviation Focus can provide training and guidance in implementing compass in your organization.

Below a set of Frequently Asked Questions about COMPASS.
If you have any questions, please contact us on: [email protected]

Is COMPASS a stand-alone software product?

Yes, the COMPASS pilot aptitude test is a software suite that is installed and runs on a normal standalone windows PC.
All COMPASS software installations include:

  • COMPASS - Aptitude test for Ab Initio pilots
  • Advanced COMPASS - Aptitude test for Advanced Pilots
  • CPP – Checklist Professional Profile - psychometric test for aviation pilots
  • Verbal Reasoning – Comprehension, Reasoning and analysis of written data test for commercial aviation pilots.
  • Aviation English – A test which assesses the ability of a candidate pilot to reach LPE level 4 upon completion of flight training, this is an ICAO requirement.

Does the COMPASS Pilot Aptitude test require a full time internet connection?

No, as COMPASS runs directly on a windows PC, a full time internet connection is not required. An internet connection is only required to check the scores of the COMPASS test with the COMPASS servers. The internet connection can be made after each aptitude test or after several tests, for example after a day of testing.

Can the COMPASS test be used to test candidates for suitability for Command training?

Verbal reasoning is a free test associated with the COMPASS software that is a tool that can be used in combination with other command assessment tools /tests. COMPASS in itself is an aptitude test which is different than testing the ability for Command potential.

Can I use COMPASS on a laptop?

Yes, COMPASS Pilot Aptitude testing system runs on any windows based computer or laptop. It is even possible to run COMPASS without the joystick and rudder pedals.

Can I bring my laptop with COMPASS to various places around the world to conduct pilot screening?

Several Airlines, Aviation Recruitment agencies and FTO’s take a laptop based COMPASS testing station on recruitment roadshows. Some use COMPASS without the joystick and rudder pedals on the laptop.

Using COMPASS ‘on the road’ on a laptop, allows recruiters to asses a candidates aptitude for becoming a pilot at the first stage of recruitment, saving the costs of the next steps of the recruitment process for candidates that do not qualify.

Do I need to pay for the software product?

There is no initial cost for the COMPASS software suite, the only initial cost is for the Joystick, rudder pedals.
COMPASS is charged pay-per-test. This means that a fee is paid per test taken. There are no other recurrent or initial charges for using COMPASS.
Each time the COMPASS pilot aptitude test connects to the COMPASS server to check the scores of the test, the companies user account is charged per COMPASS test taken. The company using COMPASS is invoiced per month for all the COMPASS tests taken.

How much does taking a COMPASS pilot test cost?

Aviation Focus Sells compass to Airlines, Aviation Recruitment Agencies, TRTO’s and FTO’s. We do not sell COMPASS to end users or conduct COMPASS test ourselves.
COMPASS is charged per test taken, there are no other recurrent charges.
Please contact us so we can inform you about prices and costs of the COMPASS pilot screening and selection system.

How many test modules does the COMPASS pilot aptitude and Advanced COMPASS test consist of.

There are 6 modules that need to be completed in order to complete the entire COMPASS test or Advanced COMPASS test. The total time for completion should be around 90 minutes with a maximum of two hours.

Are FTO's and Airlines using the COMPASS pilot aptitude test successfully?

Yes, Many Airlines and FTO’s around the world use the COMPASS battery of tests very successfully. COMPASS has become an integral part of the screening and selection procedure for both beginner and advanced pilots for many Airlines and FTO’s.
The COMPASS aptitude test is successful because it contains a variety of different tests that measure all the skills required to become an commercial aviation pilot. COMPASS instantly gives a very clear picture of a candidates aptitude for becoming a commercial aviation pilot.
The main benefit for the Airlines and FTO’s using COMPASS is that all candidates are subjected to the exact same standardised test. This means that test scores for the different skills can be compared objectively eliminating human interpretation.
Many globally operating Airlines, FTO’s and aviation recruitment agencies see a big advantage in using the COMPASS aptitude test because COMPASS tests pilot candidates from around the world with the same testing baseline which allows for objective comparison of the required aptitude of candidate pilots.

Will you upgrade COMPASS occasionally?

Our team in The Netherlands upgrade and update COMPASS regularly. New updates can be downloaded free of charge. The selection manager that is assigned with a login, will notice any new updates available on the right corner of the selection manager server when logged in. When you are running COMPASS 3.0H you’ll notice that COMPASS 3.0i is now available for download.

Can we integrate our own database of questions into COMPASS?

No, it is not possible to customize COMPASS. The advantage is that all COMPASS users around the world are subjected to the same test. Customization of the COMPASS testing system would mean that COMPASS test results cannot be universally compared.

How long after the completion of a COMPASS test do the results become available?

The results of a COMPASS test are instantly available or as soon as the testing computer is connected to the internet and a connection is made with the COMPASS testing server, the results of a COMPASS test can be checked after each test or after a set of tests have been completed.

In what languages is the COMPASS pilot aptitude test available?

The COMPASS battery of pilot aptitude tests is available in several languages, however, only the instruction for each question is available in several languages, if any questions contain language then it will always be in English at a level which any aviation pilot candidate should be able to understand.
The use of English in the questions is an integral part of the test; if the candidate pilot taking the COMPASS test does not know sufficient English to understand the question, he or she is surely not qualified to become an commercial aviation pilot.
The COMPASS pilot Aptitude test is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Manadarin
  • Russian

How long does a compass session take?

A typical COMPASS testing session takes about 2 hours which can be roughly divided into 30 minutes of instruction and briefing of the candidate and 90 minutes to conduct the actual COMPASS test.
As all the questions have a time limit, the maximum time for the COMPASS test is 2 hours.

Can Aviation Focus assist me with implementing or introducing COMPASS into my company?

Yes, Aviation Focus has extensive experience in all areas of aviation training and with all types of Aviation training organisations; Airlines, TRTO’s and FTO’s. We understand that migrating from a ‘human based’ flight crew screening and selection system to a partially automated system using COMPASS, requires training, guidance and assistance.
Aviation Focus can set up a custom COMPASS training program to suit the needs of the recruitment staff of the Airline, TRTO, FTO or recruitment agency that is going to implement COMPASS. The training includes guidance on instructing candidates and training in interpreting results as well as follow-up Q&A sessions.

Please contact us to discuss your current situation and how we can help introduce the COMPASS pilot aptitude testing system into your organisation.