The Boeing 737-800 Fixed Base Flight Simulator has a 100% accurate cockpit. Most switches have been sourced form the original Boeing supplier. The B737 NG is fitted with the official Boeing 737-800 (W) Flight Dynamics Model from Boeing. The engines, CFM56-7B27, are rated at 27K pounds of thrust. The control loading system is developed at our affiliate company MPS and realized by Bosch.

Through a number of channels, the control loading is provided to:

  • Each thrust lever
  • Each control column (pitch control one channel)
  • Each control column (roll control one channel)
  • Rudder pedals (Yaw control one channel)
  • Speedbrake handle
  • Stabilizer Trim Wheel
  • Nose wheel steering units
  • Brake pedals

Modular construction of the simulator allows the customer to easily replace or update modules.

Boeing 737-800 Fixed Base Flight Simulator features

Flight simulator (FTD) features Standard Certification dependent
MPS Standard field upgradable to advanced yes
Cockpit: Fixed base fully enclosed flight deck yes yes
Hardware: Full size replicated cockpit / full functionality yes yes
MPS-FDM Official Boeing Data (B737-800W/27K) yes yes
MPS-CDS full FMC / EFIS yes yes
Powerplant: CFM56-7B27 yes yes
Visual System: Direct Projection (200×40º FOV),
RSI Raster x T image gen
Visual System: Collimated Mirror (200×40º FOV),
RSI Raster x T image gen (FFS Level-D Fidelity)
Instructor Station: MPS-IOS Instructor Operating Station yes yes
Basic System Failure Set yes
All Circuit Breaker Panels yes
Advanced System Failure Set yes
Automated QTG (MCC/FNPTII or B737 Type Specific) yes yes
Basic Weather Environment yes
Advanced Weather Environment yes
Type certificate aircraft updates yes
Automated ATC system with TCAS yes
Navigation Data: Lufthansa Lido official FMS nav data yes yes