Cost-efficient prescreening of pilot candidates

Pre-COMPASS allows a seamless transition into the already available COMPASS selection battery, thus creating a one-stop shop for proper pilot screening. Pre-COMPASS is 

  • a completely internet based testing and screening tool that can be used by the pilot candidates remotely from their home computer. 
  • a tool for airlines and FTO’s to confirm the initial suitability of large quantities of ab initio pilot candidates before inviting them to the selection days. 
  • helping to improve cost- and time-efficiency of the initial pilot screening process 
  • a tool that will increase the success-ratio during the selection days, because all pilot candidates are thoroughly pre-screened and only the best will move on to the on-site selection process.

For any questions on how to integrate Pre-COMPASS into your pilot candidate selection process, please contact us, [email protected]

Easily identify the initial suitability of pilot candidates

Pre-COMPASS has been designed with simplicity in mind. Potential candidates can remotely access and log in to the system with a token. No installation of any software is required. Test results of all candidates having completed the test are available instantly and can be filtered by time and scores.

Pre-COMPASS measures the initial suitability of pilot candidates by testing

  • Spatial Orientation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Accuracy 
  • Technical Insight
  • Analytical Insight
  • Numerical Insight

The results are presented as a 5 point scale, from low to high.

A seamless transition into the already available COMPASS

Pre-COMPASS allows for a seamless transition into the already available COMPASS on-site selection and pilot screening tool. With the addition of Pre-COMPASS, we now can offer a full scale of pilot candidate screening and selection tools, allowing preselection of pilot candidates as well as the actual aptitude testing and screening for ab initio pilot candidates. Combining Pre-COMPASS with the actual COMPASS tool enables you to choose from the most suitable pilot candidates right from the start, with maximum cost- and time-efficiency.

Pre-COMPASS at a glance

  • Completely internet based for remote testing of candidates
  • Tests the initial suitability for becoming a civil aviation pilot
  • No installation required. Candidates simply log in from their home computer

Like COMPASS, the Pre-Compass tool is a pay-per-use system. You pay per test taken without any initial or fixed costs. This allows FTO’s and airlines to maintain a strict cost-management and cost-per-candidate calculation already before the selection process.

Objective pre-screening of ab initio pilots

Pre-COMPASS offers a standardized and therefore 100% objective screening of ab initio pilot candidates. The testing is computer based without any human intervention in the actual test and its results. The results are all based on the same questions and can be compared in the most objective way.

Advantages of preselecting pilot candidates through pre-COMPASS

Pre-screening the most suitable pilot candidates for your selection pool has numerous advantages:

  • Pre-assess large numbers of interested pilot candidates
  • Reduce your on-site selection capacity by only inviting the most suitable candidates
  • Improve time- and cost-efficiency of your initial selection process
  • Reduce workload during the selection days
  • Have a full picture of your candidates abilities, starting with their initial suitability criteria
  • Pre-COMPASS is a testing method without any human intervention, allowing for an objective comparison of testing criteria results
  • Reduce failure rates during the assessment phase of your candidates.

With Pre-COMPASS, COMPASS and our training seminars in interview techniques as well as grading and selection of candidates, AviationFocus now offers a full scale of solutions for selecting the right candidates in an efficient and objective way.