As presented at the APATS conference this year there is a global concern regarding the decay of manual flight skills on today’s highly automated flight decks and how this affects flight safety.

Of particular note was the observation that this decay was, mostly, independent of flying experience, and that steps should be taken at initial and recurrent pilot training to establish and maintain these skills.

This is not practicable on revenue line flights so additional training load for flight simulators will arise.

Most full flight simulator time is related only to manual flight manouvres directly related to licensing. In general, handling skills are not practised for their own sake as there is insufficient flight simulator time available.

A training solution

So shall we all buy more full flight simulators?
Is there an alternative?
Yes, there is!

MPS Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800 flight simulators cost and operate at a fraction of the cost of full flight simulators. 

Yet they fly and handle exactly like the real aircraft. The lack of a motion platform is more than compensated for by the full wrap around level D visual system.

Pilots can practice manual flying for a fraction of the cost per unit time of a FFS and these skills will translate directly to the aircraft.

Using our simulators manual flying skills can, once again, become second nature to airline pilots.

As many experienced pilots and seasoned trainers have commented after flying MPS simulators; The human brain does a much better job of simulating motion than any motion system can. Read their reviews and testimonials on our website:
Reviews and testimonials of MPS Airbus A320 and B737 Flight simulators.