Stephen Duncan, EASA approved TRE/TRI (Type Rating Examiner / Type Rating Instructor resp.) for A320/330/340, test flew the MPS A320 FTD (Fixed Base Flight Simulator) at MPS in Holland.

Stephen Duncan wrote a short review of the MPS A320 FTD:

I was extremely impressed with the MPS A320 project. It has all the makings of a very useful training device. It is a quantum leap from the current MFTD devices and with the visual projections it will allow for very realistic training without extensive Full Flight Simulation to complete A320 Type Rating or indeed for Recurrent. It would also accommodate for command training and instructor training since a full flight simulator (FFS) is not required for most of the training.

I occasionally instruct on virtual FTD equipment at various training establishments in Europe that have interactive system displays which are good, the MPS A320 FTD however is a far superior training device as it has the “feel” of the actual machine as well as all the components a new pilot will discover on first entering the A320 flight deck which a VFD or MFTD cannot offer.

The MPS A320 FTD allows the execution of flying exercises such as base training, engine failure and go-arounds with the ergonomic realism other VFD or fixed base FSTD cannot offer. The fact that all MPS FTD’s are equipped with control loading on rudder and flight controls, movement of flap handles and spoilers as well as manual gear extension are a real advantage.

We are very proud to have received such a positive review from an experienced A320 pilot EASA instructor/examiner such as Stephen Duncan.

MPS A320 flight simulators are developed to meet the highest possible standards in Aviation simulation. This allows MPS simulators to be put to maximum use in all stages of professional pilot training, whether it be Type Rating, Multi crew pilot license (MPL) or any other form of pilot training.

Stephen’s review underlines that the development philosophy of the MPS A320 Fixed Base Simulators (FBS) has been successful and that the MPS A320 FTD sets a new standard for fixed base flight simulators.

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