The first installed MPS Boeing 737-800 NG simulator in Amsterdam The Netherlands, is now accompanied by a second MPS Boeing 737-800 NG simulator.

Sim Rent opened their operation in May 2012 when they received their first MPS simulator. Both simulators are an exact copy of the B737-800 NG flight deck with all the switches and flight controls being operational. Due to the high level of JAA certification, both simulators can be used for various types of training including Type Rating training.

When conducting Type Rating training on these fixed base simulators, only a small portion of the Type Rating needs to be completed on a Full Flight Simulator. This can generate an immediate cost saving of up to 50% in Type Rating training, potentially saving the individuals a lot of money.

Sim Rent operates two fixed base simulators that are FTD1/FNPTII approved. Both simulators are built at MPS in The Netherlands and are fitted with 200×40 Collimated visuals that can also be found on Full Flight Simulators.

Sim Rent is the second training facility in The Netherlands that operates MPS simulators. EPST was the launch customer for MPS and they currently operate both B737-800 NG as well as an Airbus A320. For more information on MPS simulators, please contact us at [email protected].