Pre-COMPASS : Remote pilot screening

The recently launched Pre-COMPASS pilot prescreening tool allows airlines and FTO’s to remotely screen preselect candidate aviation pilots.

Pre-COMPASS screens and tests the suitability of both ab initio and experienced pilot candidates through a completely internet based testing tool that can be used from the candidate’s home computer.

The tool is very easy to use and only requires the candidates to log in to the testing module from their home PC without any required installation of software. Because the results are immediately visible to recruiters and can easily be filtered, Pre-COMPASS allows verifying the initial suitability of large numbers of pilot candidates at the same time.

AviationFocus, a leader in the field of automated pilot screening tools and fixed base flight simulators, already successfully operates COMPASS, a computerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System, that allows for an objective and thorough on-site selection of pilot candidates. The initial aim of Pre-COMPASS was to further improve the airline or FTO pilot candidate selection process in terms of cost- and time-efficiency.

The worldwide pandemic situation of COVID-19 has given Pre-COMPASS a completely new dimension. With strict hygiene measures in place, airlines and FTO’s typically can’t invite the same amount of pilot candidates for testing and screening to their locations, at least not at the same time. By using Pre-COMPASS, recruiters can now verify the initial suitability of potential candidates remotely and make sure that only the very best pilot candidates are invited to the on-site selection process. Pre-COMPASS now not only offers advantages in terms of cost- and time-efficiency, but also helps airlines and flight schools to better adapt to the stricter hygiene measures put in place. It therefore can be said that tools like Pre-COMPASS are no longer optional. They become increasingly essential tools to conduct the pilot candidate screening and testing in the safest way possible.

If you have any questions about Pre-COMPASS or if you would like to understand how you can integrate Pre-COMPASS into your pilot selection work flow, then please do not hesitate to contact AviationFocus. Request a free demo now at [email protected].

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