The MPS A320 Simulator has obtained EASA FTD Level 1 approval (European Aviation Safety Agency), having previously gained FNPTII/MCC certification in May. EASA is responsible for certifying all types of flight training devices in Europe.

The MPS A320 Simulator is a type specific FBS and features a full cockpit that is an exact replica of the A320 cockpit. The visual is a collimated, 200×40 degree wrap around Level D system and all moving flight controls have calibrated A320 control loading (force feedback).

EASA FTD level 1 certification allows Airlines, TRTO’s and FTO’s to deploy the MPS A320 Simulator for all types of pilot training, including Type Rating (up to 50%), MPL, MCC, SOP, instructor courses and Command training.

The MPS A320 Simulator can be upgraded from standard FNPTII/MCC to EASA FTD 1 or FTD 2 specification by upgrading the software and adding the Level D collimated visual system plus circuit breaker panel door. The related software upgrade makes the MPS A320 Simulator similar to a level D FFS (Full Flight Simulator) in all respects other than motion.

Aviation Focus (Hong Kong) is responsible for the sale and/or lease of the MPS A320 Simulator to clients in Asia. Please get in touch for further information: [email protected]

Image of the Cockpit of the MPS EASA Level 1 Approved A320 Simulator
Image of the cockpit of the MPS Airbus A320 simulator, EASA FTD Level 1. The image shows the A320 simulator in operation on final approach at night.